John Isley, integral member of the legendary Jersey Soul/Rock band "Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes" took part in the recordings of my debut album "Runaway Train".


He played his magnificent saxophone in 5 songs:

"Waiting for us"
"You're my precious one"
"Slave with no chains"
"Love is on Its way"
"The veil is gone"

He also wrote the horns arrangement for the song "Lovin' Eyes" performed by the Jukes. These are John's words about the song:

"The playing and singing on Lovin' Eyes is spot on. The songwriting is very good and the production values are great!
Sounds like a  perfect mix of Bruce and Southside!"
John Isley - The Asbury Jukes

The Asbury Jukes

The sigle "Lovin' Eyes" will feature the Jukes Horns Section!
(Courtesy Of Southside Johnny & Leroy Records)

Chris Anderson:

John Isley:
Tenor and Baritone Saxophones

Neal Pawley: